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My Backup Needs a Backup...

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Sometimes your backup needs a backup.

In preparation for going back to school full time last August, I was obsessive about creating 'Covid Pockets' for my kids' backpacks. Each child had one compartment specifically for pandemic essentials — travel size sanitizer, hand wipes, tissues, and an extra face covering.

I reminded them continually not to touch the pocket unless it's an emergency!

Then we had our first full day with both kids in school. I felt great about that morning:

Two healthy lunches ✔️
Two full water bottles ✔️
Signed papers for both ✔️
Headphone and ear buds ✔️
Divider tabs printed ✔️
Calculator slip with payment ✔️
Leaving the house early ✔️

ALL GOOD! We can do this. We can totally do this! I’m faithful, grateful, and hopeful.

We were about to pull into the school’s parking lot when I pumped my brakes and yelled, ‘Oh my God your masks!’ I was laughing, but still startled my youngest into near cardiac arrest.

We were maybe two days into the year and already I forgot something essential. Remember those 'Covid Pockets' I spent all of that time organizing? All I can say is I’m grateful for my one shinning moment of clarity. Both kids had an extra mask in their backpacks.

I was grateful to have a backup at our fingertips, but I just wasn’t ready to use it on day two.

So now my backup has a backup. And that’s okay. I can’t say if it will be foolproof. But I can say that we all make mistakes, forget, or remember wrong. We’re all trying our best.

Extend grace, y’all. Be patient. Be kind. That other mom? Remember, she may have forgotten too, but she’s probably trying her best. She may be new, and on top of that, is having to deal with all of the craptastic extras that go along with pandemic schooling.

She may be more anxious or depressed than we’ll ever know. This is all really hard. It’s also possible that her backup to her backup very well may have failed.

We are all doing the best we can. Hang in there, y’all. xo

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