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My "babies"

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My babies

As much as it pains me to say this


my babies are growing into young men.

I cant even say men and my kids names in the same sentence but clearly father time isn't listening to me so ..

they continue to age.

I miss their chubby thighs and the way they used to do the penny dance at bedtime (a made up version of a dance when they filled their piggy banks with pennies)

I miss snuggle time while watching Mr Noodle.

And my silliness which made them giggle.

(Now my silliness just makes them roll their eyes)

But there are advantages clearly to the aging thing.

Mainly. no more wiping their butts and noses (Who am I kidding? I often still need to remind them of their noses)

And I dont need babysitters.

So as my boys turn into young men I have so much I wish for them.

(I would love to hear your hopes . Please add them in the comment section!)

I hope...

I hope you continue to remain respectful (and pray that carries over some day of how you treat your brother!)

Always hold the door open

And put down the seat when you're done

I hope you take time to enjoy the feeling of your feet in the sand and you face in the sun and your ears to the ocean

You are worthy

You are enough

Listen to your gut. Always trust your gut

Being the cool one is overrated.

So is popularity.

Highschool will not be the best years of your life.

Don't rush into doing stupid things.

Pay it forward.

True friends make you feel good about yourself.

If youre not enjoying being with someone, they arent your friend.

Choose wisely.

Youre going to make mistakes.

Its how we learn.

Do NOT make the mistake of drinking and driving.

That is NOT how we learn.

Same goes for texting and driving.

Smoking is disgusting.

So are drugs.

They make you ugly.

Respect women.

No means no.

Dont rush to grow up.

Play outside.

Play inside.

Play with friends.


Clean your ears.

Excuse yourself into another room when you need to fart.

Learn how to use a washer and dryer.

Resisting in joining bad behavior makes you strong. Not weak.

Unplug sometimes.

Be silly (at the appropriate times)

It's cool to hug.

And it's okay to cry.

Don't ever take pictures of your penis.

Watch the news. Read the headlines.

Learn to sew a button and how to swing a hammer.

Sing in the shower and dance in public.

Speak up. Your voice matters.

Be kind.

Treat the person who cleans your hotel room the same way you would treat the president of the hotel.

Love fiercely. But only to those who are worthy of your love.

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