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Challenge: Sleep Solutions

Music can soothe the (not so savage) baby

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Every night - and I mean EVERY SINGLE NIGHT - for at least the first 2 or 3 years of life for each of our 3 sons, my wife sang our boys to sleep. Every night. Even when. Even though. My wife is a HS math teacher and occasionally gives voice lessons out of our home. Many times I have seen her cook dinner, or play catch with one of our boys, then stop to take the baby upstairs. I would listen at the door to her beautiful voice sing our child to sleep. It was beautiful to observe. It's one of the biggest things I miss about our kids growing up.

She was/is fantastic. In a pile of grading papers, or just stress from the day, sometimes still wearing heels and a dress because she just got in from a parent/teacher event, she will drop everything and sing. She would hold our sons close to her chest so they could hear her voice but more importantly, FEEL the vibration through her chest. It was magical.

I would humbly suggest a few things:

  • establish a routine of consistent bed time
  • don't create silent communication that you're sad they're going to bed
    • if you're anxious about them crying, THEY WILL CRY
    • if you're anxious about putting them in the crib, THEY WON'T WANT TO STAY IN THERE
    • if you get upset about them crying, THEY WILL WIN THE SLEEP WAR
  • don't be afraid of the crying or the tears!
    • the safest place in the house is probably their crib!
    Above all else, sing to your child. Everybody won't sound as lovely as my wife, but music has a great way to soothe a baby. Think about how music affects you when you are in a mood! Our children have a great relationship with both of us and we've been through some difficult times. But as you can see below, I think the souls of my kids and their mother was cemented via song. Sleep time because the time they looked forward to because it was a story, a song and sleep for all.


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