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Motherhood is Beautiful Even When It's Messy

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Motherhood is messy. That's reality.

You know it. You see it everyday.

Let's start with the obvious, in-your-face messes. I'm speaking of the house, of course. The dishes and laundry are always accumulating. The toilets need scrubbing, the carpet needs vacuuming. Toys are scattered and food is spilled. Let's just admit it, the house will never be as clean before those little people arrived in your life. It's a building full of never ending messes.

Then there's the motherhood wardrobe and up keep messes. Bags from lack of sleep. Spit up on your back. Hair in ponytails. Makeup skipped. Manicures needed. Comfy clothes preferred. It's hard to be stylish when you're just in survival mode.

Mom guilt can be messy too. Afraid of saying the wrong thing. Doing the wrong thing. Over correcting. Not correcting. Not listening. Or just plain...screwing up. All that self-doubt and questioning every move can get really messy. Fast. We become stressed and we start to compare. Oh the comparing. That's one giant motherhood mess that weighs you down and steals your joy.

But then there's the beauty in motherhood. It's right there in the middle of those messes. Can you see it?

That messy house I mentioned, it was made possible by beautiful, irreplaceable blessings. We could have a perfect, pristine house that everyone would drool over on Pinterest. But instead we're given tiny fingerprints on windows and Lego's to step on in the middle of the night. Reminders that time is short and in a blink these blessings will be grown. And gone.

A loving mother is beautiful sight to behold as well. No fashion runway needed to see that her beautiful eyes light up when once again reunited with her little ones after school. Her gorgeous smile easily appears at the sound of her children laughing. Gentle, soft hands always there to be held when needed. Strong arms are there to comfort. Her heart is full of love and no makeup artist or designer can recreate. It comes from within.


Kind, encouraging words spoken to another mom is a beautiful thing too. You're not going to fail. It's alright to cry. Let's skip the judgement and give more support. We all struggle because we are all human. You can do this. Yes, you're tired and yes, it's hard. But you are a loving, wise, strong, beautiful mother. Don't stress over what the "other moms" are doing. This is your journey. Live it. Love it. Enjoy the beauty of motherhood.

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