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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Most Exciting Places In South America Your Kids Will Love

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Your children must be tired of visiting the same countries every year. Surely you want to teach them things they won’t be able to learn anywhere else. It’s why a lot of families are traveling down to exciting ocations in South America these days.

I doubt you’ve heard too many good stories about the place, so where will you even start? Surprisingly, there are a few very popular destinations that will blow you away. We’ll have a look at the top ones in case you want to start planning for your next trip.

1. The Galapagos Islands - Ecuador

If you want to look at luxury travel options in South America you must start with the Galápagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador. Take a tour offered by a company like Galapagos Insiders and your kids will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Everyone who knows the place exists will say it’s the last unspoiled spot on planet earth. The animals will play with each other while you look on in amazement, which I’m sure your kids will be talking about for years to come.

2. Machu Picchu - Peru

The mystical city remained a secret for years, but now everyone seems to visit it. You’ll find it hidden away in the gorgeous Peruvian mountains, but times have finally changed. You don’t necessarily need to reach the city using an old Inca Trail your kids will hate.

If you want an easy option choose to visit Machu Picchu using a magnificent train ride. Do you know what I think your children will love most? It’s somewhere so old and worn it looks like it came out of a fairytale.

3. Easter Island - Chile

There will always be mysteries nobody will ever be able to explain. The sights you’ll see when you visit Easter Island fall into this category. No doubt you’ve seen photos of the giant stone figures in various places.

Your children won’t be able to comprehend what they’re taking in until years later. We do know a couple of things about the statues. They’re centuries old and remain our last link to an ancient Polynesian culture, but what does it all mean?

4. Amazonia - Ecuador

Every child in America has heard all about the Amazon. In fact, they’ve probably completed multiple projects dedicated to the massive rainforest. For some strange reason, a lot of people assume you can only gain access to it through Brazil.

It’s actually a good thing because you’ll have Ecuador all to yourself. You can rent comfy treehouses and sleep up in the canopies. Your children will be able to say they fell asleep listening to the sounds of a thousand animals.

5. Rio Carnival - Brazil

The Rio Carnival only comes around once per year, so ensure you book your fancy hotel before it’s too late. Even though the carnival is special enough to take your breath away you must be careful if you visit with your kids.

Two million people will be out on the streets every day, so you don’t want to lose them by accident. The moment you see all the floats and dancers waltzing past you’ll forget about everything. It’s officially the biggest carnival on earth.

6. Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia

Photographers come to the salt flats and walk away with the most luxurious photos you’ll ever see. Luckily, it’s a million times better traveling over the unique landscape in person. Your kids will find it hard to believe they’re driving on salt.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine you’ve landed on a strange planet in outer space. It’s what you will feel like when you visit Bolivia. You could probably trick your kids into believing they’ve somehow left earth.

7. Copacabana Beach - Brazil

One of the greatest singers in the world wrote a song about the beach after becoming inspired by it. There is even a fancy cocktail named after it, so you know there is something going down at the most famous beach in existence.

If you’re going to take your child to any beach it should be this one. Also, it will be easy for you to visit Christ the Redeemer at the same time. It’s one of the most famous statues ever built and your kids need to pay it a visit.

8. Iguazu Falls - Argentina

The Iguazu Falls are the second most popular in South America, but they’re stunning nonetheless. In total, there are roughly 275 waterfalls and the exact number will depend on the time of year, plus they obviously vary in strength too.

It’s in between Argentina and Brazil, so you can actually choose the country to see them from. You’ll get a lot wetter on the Argentinian side of the border, but maybe you’ll want to see what both sides have to offer.

9. Angel Falls - Venezuela

Americans seem to think Niagara Falls is impressive, but they’ve not seen anything yet. You need to tick Angel Falls off your bucket list in the future. Unfortunately, although you’ll be able to live in luxury you will need to hike into the jungle.

If your kids haven’t hiked yet, I suggest taking them on a few trial runs now. As you cross through the rivers, mountains, and grasslands beauty awaits you. Angel Falls are the highest in the world, but even things like the lagoons will still impress you.

10. Lake Titicaca - Bolivia

A trip to South America wouldn’t be complete without visiting the largest lake on the continent. Various indigenous communities call it home, so if you want your children to speak with people vastly different it’s a good place to stay.

The giant lake itself isn’t the only wild thing about the area. There is a sacred Inca island and boats leave from the shores all the time. If you visit while the religious festivities are in full swing it will be even more enjoyable.

Don’t Wait a Second Longer to Book Up

Give your kids an experience they’ll never forget this year. You’ll get to choose from a list of fantastic destinations while they’re fresh in your mind. Are you sick and tired of doing the same kind of thing all the time? Your kids are probably a lot more bored than you.

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