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Challenge: Get Happy!

More kids equal more love, and more love equals more life.

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It's 6:30 in the morning and you three non-morning-loving, grumpy mini-humans have parked your tired biscuits on our old, but comfy family room couch.

While I spend most of each morning hustling around getting each one of you prepared for school or camp, occasionally I find myself pausing and sending a lingering glance in your direction.

On this particular morning, I cannot help but to look at the three of you and think that because of you rambunctious lovebugs there's more...

cleaning, laundry, spills, messes, crying, tantrums, (yours and mine) headaches, boo-boos, discussions, dirty dishes, activities, whining, driving around, and talking (so much talking).

And, with more of all of this, there's less time for...

self-care, work, hobbies, time with Daddy, times with friends, relaxation, traveling, and (of course) quiet time.

But, as I keep your precious beings in my line of sight, I am reminded that with each of you three children in my life, there's more...

adventure, learning, growth, transformation, opportunities to be courageous, excitement, faith, joy, and (so much) love.

And, with all of that, there's very little time left for me to act or (even worse) be...

immature, selfish, self-absorbed, materialistic, unkind, closed-minded, pessimistic, distracted, and ungrateful.

So, kids, please hear this:

Although I may openly (and often) complain about the numerous tasks of motherhood and how much more shiitake I have to do and deal with as a parent, don't for a one millisecond think I have, will now, or will ever want you any less.

Less sleep means more experiences and less "me" time means more time being spent on what's truly important -- you all.

With you three in my life, I am less like the woman I once was; who is a woman that, quite frankly, I would be embarrassed to be now.

With you in my life, I am more like the woman I want to become and forever remain; a woman who knows that sometimes more IS more and sometimes less IS less and that I need to remember to thank God and you three children for that daily.

Perhaps less is more, occasionally, but for us, mothers of multiple children, on the day-to-day, more is more because more kids equal more love, and more love equals more life.

Thank you all for giving me more life.

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