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Moms, can teach your kids if you want to - and here’s why

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Mama, hear me when I say YOU 👏 CAN 👏 TEACH 👏 YOUR 👏 KIDS.

I spoke with my beautiful and brilliant fellow Homeschooling mama Jenn from Sprinkles In My Closet with Jenn Kish last night about all the mamas struggling to decide whether or not to send their kiddos back to school this fall.

She made the insightful observation that God chose us SPECIFICALLY to raise our children. OUR kids.

"We teach them how to eat, how to dress themselves, how to use the potty, so what makes us think we are unqualified to teach them anything else," she said.


Friend, here's the thing.

We don't have to recreate the public school experience at home.

We don't need to teach for 6-8 hours straight.

Our kids don't need to be secluded with their own age group for playtime.

They do not need desks in a straight line any more than they need standardized testing.

We are raising an extreme child and a neurotypical child. Their needs are vastly different but learning doesn't have to be!


Friends, our kids LEARN while playing, they listen while we communicate with them, they absorb phonics and vocabulary during story time. Nothing fancy.

At home, we have the freedom to make a schedule that suits our needs and meets our kids where their learning style strengths lie.

Homeschool allows for questions and creativity, life skills and lessons in relationship, movement and meditation.

No decision will seem perfect all the time because we are human.

There will be setbacks and slip ups, frustration and fears but that is normal.

"Now is the perfect time to jump into Homeschooling with both feet," Jenn added, "because all children are returning to school with a learning deficit, so if you change your mind in a month you can enroll them and they won't miss a beat."

Take the pressure off, friend; off of you AND your child.

Extend ample amounts of grace because everything is chaotic and upside down right now. All we can do is the next right thing and that may not be what is right for your neighbor, your sister, or your best friend and THAT'S OKAY.


This morning, our extreme kiddo went fishing with dad. Boy's day!

So our four-year-old and I made eggs with veggies and then set up shop to paint. Girl time!

She learned:
Food Prep Safety
Safe Cutting Skills

It cost me next to nothing but my time and that, my friend, is something I'll never regret spending on or with my kids, no matter what the end result. ❤️

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