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Moms Stay Fit for you and your Family

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Parenting takes a lot of your time. This full time job is besieging as you are wrestling with LEGOs, diapering, preparing feed for the baby at midnight and doing everything on one leg throughout the day. Whether it is the mommy’s standard time or the kid “has to complete the homework” hour, you have completely forgotten about you.

The family centers around the moms so their fitness and health matters the most. You are great as you are the one creating the lives of your children but don’t forsake yourself. Remember the last time you went to the gym? I understand you don’t have enough time to tie up your hair properly so how can you spare hours to go out. What if someone tell you that moms can stay at home and can have the simple exercising equipment for their workout routine?

It is not only good for your physical fitness but also for mental health. Exercising reduces stress levels and improves mood while boosting energy levels. So build your inner gym and start training.

The common mom’s exercising equipment is well known i.e. blanking ball, skipping rope, treadmill and exercising bike. An exercise bike is the all the one that gives an overall physical training tuning your arms, legs, back and waistline. Keeping in mind your best interest you can choose one from a range of models, but one minute; you are not expert.

How you can Choose Exercise Bike for inner gym?

You might be overwhelmed with the bikes available in the stores and like one that is solid, cheaper, and makes little noise. Stationary bikes are better with 7-8 flywheel weight for the beginners. Moving bikes with wheels can be placed anywhere in the house from living room to bed room.

Is it advanced enough?

Depending upon your goals, check how advanced it is. Is it connects to Smartphone? Does the console be trouble free to understand? Whether it has the must have features like resistance level? Does it show the time, speed and calories burnt?

Is the seat adjustable or comfortable?

The exercise bike can be upright or recumbent. An upright bike is more demanding and best for the moms already having a workout routine in past. The recumbent bike is more comfortable with a seat like chair and back support.

Noise is annoying

You have separated time for you, it must be relaxing. Although most of the bikes do not make annoying noise but as you push the pedal harder it becomes noisier. The quieter models won’t bother you and you can also watch your favorite TV program.

Built and Design

Pay more attention to the built when living with the small kids. They keep moving around and are very curious. The design should not hurt their fingers stuck in the chain.


Metal bikes are durable and high quality and cost a little more. Match your budget but also keep in mind that low quality and the cheaper bike will not stay for longer.

You are most valuable and no one is going to acknowledge before you do. It is the hour you put yourself in spot. This is the stuff no one is going to talk about. Take a deep breath, grab the equipment and say goodbye to the stress. The smile on your face is pleasant!

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