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Moms of Girls

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You have birthed a baby and earned your first “mom” badge-

Your bond is so special, you forget all about the damage done to your vag!

She is so small and so perfect, so soft and so sweet,

Just one look in her eyes and your heart, it skips a beat.

The days go by quickly and your baby is now on the go-

You follow along, you wipe butts, and you go with the flow.

Suddenly you blink, and your daughter, she is growing,

She is older, she is wiser, and her sass- it is showing!

Goodbye to the the diapers, the drool, and terrible twos.

Goodbye to the sleep training and the kissing of all the boo-boos.

The time will come to have the puberty heart to heart,

You will go shopping for bras and razors and her period, well, it will start.

The girl that stands before you will transform into a teen

And with you near her side, she sure won’t want to be seen.

Her interests will change from barbies to clothes,

And she and her girlfriends will discuss their new beaus.

You try to keep track and ask her, which guy do you like?

Who is she is crushing on this week- is it Dan, Will, or wait-is it Mike?

She gains independence and your bond with her, it changes

But don’t ever forget in her book of life, there stand many blank pages.

She needs to break away and become a strong woman of her own,

But she will never forget from where and by whom she was fully grown.

Your job as her mother transforms through the years

but you’ll always be the number one wiper of most of her tears.

Enjoy every moment, breathe and try to slow your pace,

You get only one life to lead, don’t make it a race.

Embrace all of the moments, cherish the good and the bad,

Because in all of our moments, there are lessons to be had.

A Mom is role model, a mentor, a teacher and a friend.

A woman who is there from the very beginning to the very end.

Being a mom to a girl, it is not always easy and fun,

But I promise you, it’s a job that never will be done.

Being a mom is by far the most important job of all

So embrace it, enjoy it, and have a ball!

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