Parents, you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

Moms need more

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"Moms need more."

That's what we're told.

More patience.

More understanding.

More compassion and empathy.

More faith.

More balance.

More presence.

More organization.

More quality time with our kids.

But what we're given is more work.

More responsibility.

More expectations.

More judgment.

More critiques.

More opinions.

More demands.

More rules to follow.

More things to worry about.

More backing us into a corner.

More putting us into a box.

More shaming.

And that makes us more frustrated.

More tired.

More anxious.

More fearful.

More concerned.

More disillusioned.

More defeated.

More guilty.

More weak.

More unproductive.

More feeling unworthy.

More devalued.

Because we need more sleep.

More 'me time.'

More acknowledgment.

More support.

More praise.

More thoughtful guidance.

More gentleness.

More inspiration.

More forgiveness.

More acceptance.

More people in our village.

More kudos.

More smiles.

More girls' nights.

More date nights.

More equal opportunity.

More pay.

More paid leave.

"Moms need more."

That's what we're told.

But if you want us to do and be more, then give us more, like more credit for all that we already are and do and then give us just a bit more, like what we're asking for.

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