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Moms and their cleaning spree! Tips to get the perfect home!

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As a mom, the most significant nightmare we can have is an untidy home with things scattered all over and little time on hands. Maintaining a clean house in the presence of kids can be a challenging task. You might have cleaned your living room and are now busy doing dishes, and when you come back you find a "toy-nado" has hit your living room and all you can think and wonder is "will you be ever getting me time?"

Cleaning your home is one task and keeping it clean is another (all the mom readers will get this!). After spending the whole day doing restroom cleaning and making sure everything is in place all you can wonder is about when you will get enough time to spend it as you want!

Organizing your house with these hacks!

We have devised some very interesting and time-saving tips so that you can have plenty of time on your hands and can sit back and relax! The tips are:

• Make a bean bag!

This may sound a bit bizarre, but you can do it. Buy a bean bag and take out the filling from it. Once you have completely emptied it, you will be only left with a cover that has a zipper. Now you can put all the scattered stuff toys inside the bean bag. You will have a multipurpose bean bag ready that provides a soft cushiony feel and is a storage bag for all the stuff toys in the room!

• Stick it on!

A crowded bathroom counter is not a pretty sight. So you can get the favorite plastic glass for your kid. Stick some Velcro on the glass and paste the other part on your bathroom wall beside the wash basin. You can then stick the glasses to the wall. Once done, you can place the toothbrushes inside the glasses.

• Double it up!

Are you tired of picking tissues from every possible place? Well, here is a tip that can lessen your burden. Use a rubber band to attach an empty tissue box to your tissue box. There is a high chance that kids will find it quite interesting and instead of throwing the tissues around will put it in that empty tissue box.

• Minimalize!

This would require some time in the beginning, but then it has long-term benefits. You can give away things that your kids and you do not frequently use in your home. This will help in reducing the clutter. The lesser the clutter, the lower the chances that things will get messy.

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