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Mommy the Rapper Presents: When Mom's Got a Cold

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Mommy the Rapper ain’t feeling so hot,

But she’s got a sick flow, so she’ll give it a shot.

Speaking of shots, have you heard about the flu?

Apparently, it’s running through you, you, and you.

I went today and had the flu test,

Sticks up the nostril for sure ain’t the best.

This momma was getting kinda bluish,

Thinkin’ they would tell me I was fluish.

No flu here, or so they say,

But then why the heck do I feel so crappy today?

My head hurts hard and my cough ain’t good,

But no cold in the world gets you a break from (parent) ‘hood.

Do I rest or do I clean, do I sleep or do I eat?

I know! I’ll eat, then I’ll put up my feet!

Cause honestly that’s the truth, or what a lot of people say,

That that’s all a housewife does anyway.

Yep, us SAHMs, relaxing all the time,

Just taking it easy upon your hard-earned dime.

What the fudge, is that really what you think?!?

If that’s the case, well then here, smell my stink.

The stink of my toes from inside my shoes,

Cause I’m never off my feet — NOW THERE’S SOME BREAKING NEWS.

I work really hard, even when I’m sick,

What did I do today? I’ll name them & you take your pick.

Cause the life of a mom leaves no time for rest,

Even if you got that congestion in your chest.

Or that pain in your head, or the cough that sounds real bad,

Nothing will ever compare to Dad’s.

With his aches and pains, and man cold complaints,

No rest for momma unless she unexpectedly faints.

Oh well, I say, I’ll just keep on going,

The same ol’ way I’m keeping this rap flowin’.

From me to you, all the mommas with a cold,

Keep doing you, and keep being bold.

You may be sick but you’re still a bada**,

And always remember “this too shall pass”.

This little cold causing pain in your head,

Well, it’s a damn good excuse to just stay in bed.

But, lay in bed, no way, not this time,

Cause the kiddos got sick as I was typing this rhyme.

Pneumonia, flu and one more flu,

No, I aint lying, I’m being true.

And just for good measure and a load of fun,

The Hubby got the flu and now my cold’s all done.

Cause momma can’t be sick when there’s luvin’ to be given,

In this rough #momlife that I’m happily livin’.

BOOM. Mic drop.

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