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Mommy Spray

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Mommy Spray

I’ve worn the same perfume since I was in high school. So {{coughcough}} over 20 years. Really for no other reason than I like the smell and it’s a light scent. I got comfortable with it and never switched when I became an adult like normal people do. Don’t judge me. I have no regrets.

I never really gave it much thought. I, of course, buy it in bulk as if preparing for the apocalypse in preparation for the abrupt discontinuation as has happened with all my favorite beauty products over the years.

So far so good - I smell like 1998.

My sons call it mommy spray. Which is cute because they don’t know what perfume is. All they know is there is a bottle that hangs out in my bathroom that holds in it the scent of their mom.

I’ve caught my older ones smelling it now and then. Picking up the bottle and inhaling the fumes. It’s sweet.

My 5 year old has been requesting I spray the things he sleeps with with mommy spray and honestly, my heart explodes when he asks. His blankie, his stuffed animals, his pillow, anything else within reach on his bed. And as soon as I do he smiles this huge grin, closes his eyes and snuggles into them as though he’s snuggling into me.

Why is this so special?
Because it reminds me how important I am to them. How they miss me when I’m not around. How my smell comforts them because I comfort them. I am their happy place.

When I’m having a rough day or I’m feeling overwhelmed, I remember that the sheer spritz of a light fragrance I spray on myself every day is enough to comfort 3 little hearts. How powerful is that?

So I encourage you not to forget about your mommy spray.

Even if it’s’s stronger than you know.

Love & Hugs,
Nicki, Momming all the Boys

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