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Challenge: Summer Fun

Mommy Camp Has Arrived!

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Summer camps are awesome but I always make sure to leave a few weeks free for Mommy Camp. What is Mommy Camp? It's whatever your definition of spending quality time with your kids that is fun and perhaps even educational. Whether you’re a Mommy Camp expert or just starting out, there’s a few things you need to know:

Importance of scheduling the day:

  • When kids are bored, they act out. They fight with siblings or turn to electronics for entertainment.
  • Before you know it, everyone is in a time out and you feel like ripping your hair out.
  • Not fun for the parent or anyone for that matter.
  • When children know what is coming next, they are excited, think more about their behavior and have something to look forward to.
  • Even if you don’t stick to the exact schedule you plan, it is still a great guide for the day.
  • Always nice to have downtime and lazy days but that can be worked into a Mommy Camp schedule.

Scheduling down time is not only for the kiddies:

  • This gives your children a chance to relax and play quietly or read.
  • This gives you, the parent, some time to catch up on chores, work or just take a deep breath and take a much needed break.
  • Allows you to find a creative way to get your work out in. Does your gym have a nursery? What about a family bike ride? Perhaps you can work out at home? A game of tag outside is sure to help you lose some calories.

Benefits of “Mommy Camp”:

  • Quality time with your children that doesn’t exist during school year.
  • Allows you to take a much needed break from the everyday grind and enjoy yourself as well.
  • You control the schedule, which means it always works for you. For example, if there is a doctor appointment or play date, it is easy to switch gears.
  • Everyone can do as much or as little activity as wanted on a given day. If someone doesn’t feel well…no problem.
  • You created Mommy Camp which means you can always alter Mommy Camp.
  • Your kids will think you are the most fun and coolest mom in the whole world.
  • They will remember these summer moments forever, look back and know you put in the time and effort to create such a memorable time for them.

I have picked out a few Mommy Camp activities to go over in detail, to give you inspiration:

Backyard Breakfast Picnic: It’s making something ordinary into something special. It’s literally a change of scenery that is turning a meal into an activity.

Outdoor Sports/Field Trip: Find an activity that interests your kids and enjoy a few hours out of the house or stay home and play outside. Even a game of tag is fun; gets everyone’s energy out and it’s a work out for you too.

Bike Ride: We love riding around the neighborhood and by the water, here in Tampa. Everyone gets fresh air and it’s an activity we can all do together. On the water, we see dolphins, stingrays, manatees, fish and more… it’s like a free trip to the aquarium. Riding bikes is also a great workout for you.

Nature walk: You don’t have to go far to accomplish this activity. Why not have a nature walk around your backyard? We see anything from giant spider webs to butterflies to bright green lizards. It’s even cool to look up online what you have discovered outside. This is a free activity that is enjoyable for everyone and educational.



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