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Mommas, we need to be around water on the regular

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I’ve decided this is what every mother needs now and then: quality time next to a flowing waterfall in Rocky Mountain National Park on a sun-soaked day in glorious Colorado.

Is that too much to ask, universe?

Somehow, I was awarded such a respite last week, and let me tell you, experiencing that moment of stillness, basking in God’s ambient presence did wonders for this oldish soul.

Unbeknownst to me, my guy captured me meditating in this video. Upon finding out, I kinda sorta hoped I might see some angelic beings floating around me on the screen. No luck. But I can assure you that even though nothing appears to the naked eye, the energy I was experiencing in my heart space was surreal and aflutter.

LOVE was buzzing through my body from head to toe, cell to cell, and through every nook and cranny in between. Nature does that for us—especially water. There is something extra mystical about H20. Probably because we are literally made of water. Turns out we are 99% water while in our mother’s womb, and the average human body in adulthood is 70% water. Since like attracts like, it’s no wonder we gravitate toward what we’re made of. The Divine in us magnetizing to the Divine in nature. Cosmic healing exhale.

This phenomenon is why I think as moms we need to spend way more time around the wet stuff. Maybe not on the top of a mountain in the Rockies, but somewhere where water roams. Whether it’s a pond, lake, creek, or seashore, we need to get ourselves around this lovely substance on the regular.

Being around this holy gem is a grounding experience. It’s cleansing, healing, and a means of “letting go” of all our worries, doubts, insecurities, and regrets into God’s safe harbor. A place to let all that we can’t control wash away in the fullness of God’s grace so peace can grow.

Water is also a transporter of energy in our body. So, being around it is a reminder that we need to transport our negative energy outward to make room for the good stuff to linger inward. Flushing out all the uncomfortable feels and stagnant emotions so that love and gratitude can flourish is uber good for the soul.

So someday Mommas, God willing, I am going to own a retreat house in the mountains of Colorado. This is the vision I was given last week. A place for us as sisters to get away, connect to nature, and let God love us into wholeness where we know our worth and love the love we’re made of. Bookmark this post. I’m not even joking about this. It’s gonna happen! 300+ days of sunshine a year makes it impossible for me not to land there.

May you find healing and renewal around water this week. You deserve it. You are loved.


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