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#MomFail or #Winning? Bringing something extra to working mom life

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I’ve had some funny moments in my time as a working mom, but this one was certainly a first.

We started with a rushed morning routine, because Daylight Savings can go pound salt. It was a power shower, eat standing up, goodbye kisses on the run sort of situation.

In my attempt to get out the door sort of on time, I skipped brushing my hair in favor of grabbing a brush from the backseat of my car. Then I did my best to “presentablify” myself in the parking lot.

When I got to work I was on a roll. It was a crazy day but I was getting my work done well - collaborating with colleagues, putting out fires, writing, editing and brainstorming.

Later I picked up the kids at school and they were equal parts happy to see me and disgruntled to leave their friends. A sign of a very good day.

Then we got in the car.

Feeling pleased with myself, I started to scroll my phone to find the kids’ favorite podcast while they buckled up, when suddenly I heard two little giggling voices in the backseat.

“Mommy, look what we found in the back of your hair!”


Yes, that’s a Barbie shoe. With a raisin inside it.

In. My. Hair.

More than likely it was somewhere within my hair ALL day..

They say that as a working mom you constantly feel like you’re failing at one thing or the other, work or motherhood, all the time.

But I don’t buy that.

Because if I can work like a boss with a Barbie shoe and a raisin in my hair AND make my kids laugh at the end of the day? Well, that’s not failing at all.

That’s hilarious. And winning!

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