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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

Mom Care: The January Edition

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Dear Ladies,

We're already one week into 2017 and I hope you're loving it! For me, this year is all about feeling strong. I'm fresh out of two back to back pregnancies and I'm looking for the strength and energy I left back in 2014. So, how do we do it? We have to take the first steps to find our healthy selves- and I promise that your healthy lady self is in there somewhere, even if you're still nursing a cheese and champagne hangover from the holidays. Today I'm sharing a few things to get us on track. Let's get started!

1. Hemp Hearts- I want you to try something new- when I do that it motivates me to change and stick to my healthy habits. Hemp hearts are such a tasty little way to get protein. They taste like a nutty topping. 2017 is about finding energy to keep up with my kiddos and one way to do that is adding good proteins to our diets. You can put them in yogurt or sprinkle them on fruit. Don't be put off by the price- they are about $8-$11 for a bag, but they will last for months since you just use a sprinkle. Would you pay $8 for two trips to Starbucks? Yes. Where else can you put them? Step into my office below, we need to have a chat...

2. Green Smoothies- I know, they are so 2011. But remember that I JUST joined Instagram three months ago, so I'm still getting up to speed. Look, we need to get greens into our bodies. Everyday. There's no way around it. I know who is reading this blog, and girls, we're getting close to 40. There are 8,000 green smoothie recipes on the internet, so I'll just tell you that as soon as I wake up I throw half a banana, a handful of spinach and half a cucumber or apple in the blender. Sprinkle hemp hearts on top, a handful of ice cubes, and water or almond milk- blend it up and you will feel so good. You can add yogurt if you really need it to feel like dessert. Put on your big girl pants and have some green shakes this week.

3. The most important question: I started doing a great thing. During my last pregnancy I saw five different obs, plus the nurse practitioner at the office. At the end of every appointment-I would ask a simple question: What is new in women's health that I should know about or be doing? Ladies, you are paying your doctors to keep you healthy and this great open-ended question allows them to share info with you. Also, based on the doctor's age/experience you will get a range of answers. In response to this question my nurse practitioner told me probiotics are incredibly important for our lady parts, even though they are sold for digestive health. She also said you don't need a super expensive one, read the box and make sure it has lactobacillus. These can make you feel better overall. I never would have learned that if I didn't ask the question.

4. Vitamin D- I said it before, but it's worth saying again. It's freaking freezing outside, and you are not getting any sun. Do you feel sluggish? Get your doctor to check your D level. TAKE VITAMIN D3, you will feel better.

5. See a dermatologist in 2017. Put it on your health list. I get it. Insurance is a disaster right now. That's making some people stay away from taking health steps they need. This seems like an extra fluffy appointment, but it's not. At our ages, we have had over 35-40 years of sun exposure. We have been out there doing our lives, but let's take a moment to care for our skin. Make this your year to get a body check- they check all your moles to make sure everything looks healthy. Pregnancy wreaked havoc on my skin, so I had to find a good dermatologist and I'm still trying to get it under control. Argh!

6. Workout Pants- You heard me. I got mine at Walmart. I hate exercise right now. It's cold and I just want to snuggle under the covers. But new pants help motivate me. Workout gear is on sale everywhere right now. Check out Groupon for exercise classes in your area and try something new! (No kidding, I have those WalMart ones in plum and they are awesome).

My own health journey makes me so grateful for everyday of good health. Remember that as we are being moms and wives and taking care of everyone, you have to take care of yourself, too!

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