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Maybe we really are like bagels

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As I made homemade bagels this morning, I couldn’t help but be reminded of each and every one of us.

Each bagel it’s own unique shape and size, just like us.

Some of us carrying around a few extra pounds, while some hoping to gain a few.

Some of us taller than others and downplaying our height, while some adding on a few more inches when asked.

Some of us with smooth skin covering our thighs, while some have an extra layer or two causing some dimples.

Some of us loving, with confidence, every inch of our bodies, while some can barely look in the mirror each day.

Some aging on their own and accepting the lines gracing our foreheads and around our eyes, while some are filling and plumping to rid the lines.

Some basking in the glory of aging and some taking off a few years.

Some embracing the process of change and some gripping on tight to the past and what we used to look like.

But friends life is about evolving.

Life is about change.

Life is about not being perfect.

Life truly is about imperfections and finding the beauty in those imperfections.

The imperfections make us uniquely us.

We need to embrace the differences.

We need to love ourselves...
dimples, crevices, wrinkles and extra weight.
All of it.

We need to love and accept ourselves just as we are.

We may feel we want to work on some areas and that is perfectly okay, but throughout the process we can’t lose sight of continuing to love ourselves just as we are, in this very moment.

It’s time to welcome, with open arms, a new friend.

A friend we will accept and admire at any size and shape.

A friend we will love no matter what number the tag says on our jeans.

A friend we will cherish each time we see her reflection.

So as I wrap myself in a warm hug today,
I will silently whisper, “Welcome new friend. I’m so happy you’re finally here.”

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