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Mamava: A Saving Grace to Traveling Moms

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(Previously posted on Mamava's social media platforms for #MamavaMonday)

Nursing. I have to admit, I nursed my twins (now 5 years old) and now Parker (8 months) because it’s free food, easier, and because they say it’s not a bad thing for your babe. This summer I traveled without my son, Parker, which meant I had to pump-I was lucky to have discovered the Mamava at the Northern KY/Cincinnati airport. I was SO relieved to have that clean space for my luggage, myself, and more importantly my pump!



Unfortunately, on that same trip with my hubby (at a different airport)as well as a trip I took this past weekend, I couldn’t find a Mamava. I can now say I’ve stayed dedicated to breastfeeding by both nursing in a bathroom stall and pumping on top of a sink in front of every woman who was boarding the same flight I was because I had forgotten my battery pack for my pump.

My experience without the Mamava was stressful, uncomfortable, and frustrating. I was just trying to do a good thing for my baby and I didn’t have what I needed-a Mamava. While many women are confident enough to nurse in public, there are so many of us who need a place to retreat and do what is best for our babies without all those judgy eyes or cheers of praise. Thank you Mamava for working hard to get more Mamavas out in the world so we don’t have to hang out with the porcelain throne!”

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