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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Mama, listen to your kids...

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I wonder if this mama knew how much these little girls loved her.

I wonder if she realized how much comfort they felt nuzzling into her arms and feeling her heartbeat.

I wonder if she ever knew how much they loved their daily dance parties.

I wonder if she knew, how each time she entered the room, they filled up with joy and a peace washed over them.

Looking back now, there is so much I didn’t know...

There is so much I missed out on, thinking I wasn’t a good enough mama...

There is so much I second guessed about my decisions and how I was parenting....

But one thing I did know... the love I had for them was magical.

I loved these girls fiercely.
I loved them with an intensity that even scared me sometimes.
I loved them with my full heart, piercing my soul.

And you know what, my friends, the love for these girls is still just as intense.
They may be teenagers now but some things will forever remain the same.

The bond and the love between a mother and a child... it rises above all else.

So as I lay in bed, attempting to fall asleep, I recall my daughter’s sweet words reassuring me of all I have done right in this world. A simple moment, a simple phrase, locked in my brain and one she probably wouldn’t think twice about.

A simple remark, “They don’t talk for hours like us, Mom.”

And with that one sentence, all of my worries and anxieties began to fall away and room was made for glorious dreams to swirl around in my head, rather than the nagging thoughts of all I need to improve upon.

So mamas, if we just listen to what our kiddos are saying each day, we are bound to find the little reassurances that our presence means the world to our children.

It may be simple.
It may be one sentence.
But let it fill you up.
Value their words, for their words are truth.

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