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Making My Home Safe & Green for Raising Healthy Kids

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Home makeover is normally a long and exhausting process, especially when there’s a child on the way. There are so many things that have to be done and by the time you are finished, you won’t recognize your old home. The key is to make your home a safe and healthy environment and there are many ways in which you can do it. I, for instance, did it by installing several gadgets which have solved all of my problems. Listed below are some examples on what you can do to make your home as safe and eco-friendly as possible.


Start with the windows

Since you’ll be having a baby, it is wise to protect it from the outside noise. The first step is to get double glazed windows. They will not only protect you from the noise, but also from the cold weather. Besides being good for you, glazed windows are also great for your environment for they reduce noise and heat pollution coming from your home as well. It is a two-way protection and a great investment for your home.

Walls and flooring

Doing complete floor isolation from the outside is the second step towards preventing noise pollution and heat reduction. Your child will be safe in its room, tucked in a warm blanket in peace and serenity. Before your baby starts crawling on the floor, you might want to get new flooring. Consider natural wooden materials for they are easily cleaned and do not release heat. Lay a nice carpet over it to keep the baby warm while crawling over it and enjoy watching it grow in a safe environment.


Control the air quality

Another very important element of every household is the air quality. Most families don’t realize just how important air is. Having a fresh air in your room improves your brain functions and gives you energy to do things faster and easier. To solve the stall air problem, I ventilate the house several times a day. For those looking for an additional solution, it is always wise to consider getting one of those Oransi air purifiers for home and office spaces. They are great at refreshing the air and keeping it at a healthy level. Install them in your baby’s room and in your living room and prevent dust and all the other dangerous particles from flying around.


Baby proof the bedroom

From a safe crib to blocking the electric plugs, you have to take care of every single detail. Your baby won’t have an idea what she’s doing, but she will love to explore and touch things. This is why you need to cover electric plugs or completely shut them down in the baby’s room. Also, remove all sharp objects from the room and everything that can hurt the baby. I recommend you place one of those LED light bulbs, as they’re both energy efficient and long lasting. As your child continues to grow, it will become much easier to control the situation and its health. Invest in baby proofing your home now so you won’t have to worry later.

These are just a few examples of the things you can do to keep your home green and safe for children. Be creative and do all those things that you think will keep your child safe and provide it with a healthy environment to live and develop in.

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