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Make Your Child-Proofed Home Glisten This Spring

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There is something about the fresh spring air and warm sunshine that makes all of us a little extra motivated to freshen up our home. Spring cleaning is not only necessary, but it is also a refreshing feeling to give your home a good deep clean.

If you have a child-proofed home, there can be some extra challenges and tasks when it comes to spring cleaning. Not only do you have more items to clean, but you have those youngsters running around as you try to work.

Here are some of our tips for spring cleaning your child-proofed home so that it will glisten this season:

1. Create a plan.

Cleaning with little ones around is not a simple task. Avoid diving right into your spring cleaning because this can sometimes lead to a bit of a mess along the way that will be difficult to manage with kids around.

Instead, create a plan to clean room by room. Save the rooms that your kids hang out in for nap times and evenings.

2. Use toxic-free cleaning supplies.

If you have a child-proofed home, chances are your little one is either crawling around, putting items in his mouth, or both. Be sure to use cleaning supplies that are safe for him. Cleaning supplies such as Dr Bronner's castile soap will keep your toddlers safe while also making your house feel clean and fresh during and after your spring clean.

3. Re-fresh the play area.

Chances are, your kids' play area could use some re-organizing and cleaning after the dreary winter.

Start by removing all of the toys they no longer play with. In fact, you could even store some of the toys they still use and bring them out when they get bored. Toy rotation can has many great benefits for kids.

Every so often you may want to sanitize your kids' toys, and a spring clean can be the perfect time to clean everything for a fresh start. Using a bleach solution can be the best way to do this safely and efficiently.

4. Use kid-friendly replacement items.

As you are working through your spring cleaning, you are likely to find some items that need to be replaced. Perhaps you notice the living room rug has some stains, or that the coffee table is pretty beat up.

Try to replace these items with some kid-friendly versions. An indoor/outdoor rug can be a great replacement for a regular rug. This will wipe down easily and can even be hosed off if needed.

You could choose to used a padded ottoman in place of a coffee table that tends to get scratches from the kids toys. Choosing items that are kid friendly will help you home stay nicer longer.

5. Wipe down the walls and lower cabinets.

If you look closely at your walls you are likely to see lots of markings from those youngsters. Dirty little hands can really take a toll on the lower half of your home.

A good spring clean would involve wiping down all of those spots. You may even need to touch up a few of the markings with some fresh paint. This little clean up can really go a long way in your home.

6. Have the kids help!

Having kids help with cleaning can sometimes feel like more work. However, you are teaching them important life skills by including them whenever possible.

Choose simple tasks to have them help you with. If you are wiping down the walls, they can certainly have a rag to copy you. They may not actually get anything cleaned but you are spending time together and they are learning important life lessons.

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