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Challenge: Open Discussion

Make the trip, take the call, do the Zoom

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My Nana calls them "porch stops" when I drive her great-grandkids forty-five minutes to visit her at the top of the stairs outside of her apartment.

My mom calls them "drive-bys" when the grandbabies roll up her street smiles stretched wide from the mere sight of her and what they've lovingly dubbed their 'second home.'

My Poppy just calls them "visits," and we do them in the condo parking lot, while all wearing masks and the kiddies stay strapped in.

I don't know who enjoys them more.

I couldn't tell you who needs them more.

But what I can tell you is that they are important.

For all involved.

Make the trip.

Take the call.

Do the Zoom.

Bake the cake and leave it at the front door.

Have a delivery sent.

Send a clip.

Send a pic.

Write the letter.

These days, what matters more than anything, isn't a what at all.

It's a who.

It's many a who.

It's your family.

It's your friends.

It's anyone that doesn't have family near.

It's anyone that could use a friend.

Make the trip.

Take the call.

Do the zoom.

Until this dang pandemic subsides.


even then,

make the trip,

take the call,

do the zoom.

Because you never just how much it could mean to someone.

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