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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

Make a Snow Globe or Snow Dome

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Kids Can Create a Glitter Shaker for Any Holiday

Create a holiday scene in a glitter-filled jar. Kids can recycle glass jars and give a new look to plastic toys and ornaments with this simple project.

Parents can work with younger children to create these decorative snow globes. Children old enough to operate a hot glue gun can make this project themselves. Snow globes are fun to give as gifts, although parents should encourage children to think of something that would reflect the interests of the recipient instead of inserting any object under the dome.

Materials to Make a Snow Dome

Parents will need to supply these materials to create a snow globe:

  • Baby food jars or any clear glass jar that has a wide mouth
  • Plastic toys and decorations that fit inside the jar (make certain the objects won’t dissolve in water – if in doubt, set the item in a bowl of water for a couple of hours)
  • Epoxy glue
  • Florist clay
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Water
  • Glitter

Recycling Jars in Crafts

Old, used jars need to be cleaned first. Here's how:

  1. Remove the label and soak the jar and lid in a bowl of soapy water.
  2. Scrape off any glue left behind by the label. If necessary, use a cleaner that removes adhesives so the glass is clear.
  3. Dry the jar and lid completely. If possible, wipe dry and then allow to air dry so no moisture remains.

Crafting a Snow Shaker

Follow the steps below to make the snow dome.

  1. Either press florist clay into the lid or squeeze some epoxy into the lid and attach the figures. Florist clay can be built up to lift an object higher in the jar and is good if the objects don’t have a flat surface that could be glued to the lid with the epoxy. In either case, avoid working too close to the screw top sides of the lid.
  2. Set the jar over the lid to see how the finished project will look. Remove the jar.
  3. Fill the jar almost to the top with water. Children love glitter and should be encouraged to use less than they want; otherwise, the figures won’t be visible when the jar is shaken. Look for a thin layer of glitter to settle at the bottom of the jar.
  4. Put some epoxy glue or hot glue around the inner rim of the jar lid and screw the jar on tightly so it is sealed.
  5. Allow to stand, lid side up overnight.
  6. Wrap ribbon or a strip of felt around the side of the lid and a small part of the glass closest the lid. Use hot glue or regular white glue to hold the material in place. Decorate the material with glitter, rhinestones, etc. Another option is to skip the ribbon or felt and cover the lid with stickers. It isn’t necessary to decorate the top of the lid as this is the bottom of the snow shaker

Turn the jar over, give it a shake and watch the glittery snow swirl around the figure. Display by sitting the glitter globe on the lid. Create several snow globes using different sized jars to pull together a holiday arrangement. Don’t limit this project to winter scenes – look for Valentine’s decorations to pair with pink glitter, rabbits to combine with multi-colored pastel glitter for Easter, and pumpkins to accent with black glitter for Halloween.

About the author: Andrea is a kindergartener and freelance web designer at Skywell.Software development company, so she likes creativity and invention of small arts with kids, and every holiday they come up with a variety of decorations. This time she shares a guide on how to create a snow globe for the Christmas holidays.

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