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LOVE is Always Doing What Love Does

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The power switch for LOVE as the Universal energy supply for Creation is always flipped to the 'on' position.

If LOVE were switched to ‘off,’ REALity would cease to exist. Life itself, in every form and formless display of LOVE/Light, would no longer fill the sphere of existence.

Autumn is a profound example of this truth in climates where trees lose their leaves.

Trees drop their colorful wardrobe for a season, but the outermost garment does not define the truth of their worthiness or very REAL existence within. Neither does their trunk or branches. All is a temporary form containing their essence.

It’s the essence within every baren branch that contains Life, that contains LOVE displaying as Light from each atom in the roots and spiraling up its trunk and into the tips of each sprig.

If a tree is cut down and the stump remains, Life continues beneath the soil as the tree provides support and nourishment for its neighboring community.

Even if one removes the stump and roots, the atoms within the whole vessel live on as the energy of LOVE remains and transmutes them into some other projection of Light.

We know this because energy can never be destroyed, only transformed.

Not just fallen leaves teach us this truth, but the fallen fruit as well. Although an apple may rot on Mother Earth and lose its wardrobe in the form of a meaty shell, its seeds contain the LOVE to bear another tree with more fruit and more Life in the form of Light.

We are no different than the trees.

As spiritual Beings having a human experience, our temporary form is this chemical spacesuit called a body. Our outermost garment consists of our thoughts, emotions, roles, behaviors, and experiences that come and go, just like the wardrobe we put on and take off at the end of the day.

None of these temporary comings or goings define our worth or our existence.

If we are in temporary fear, anger, sadness, or depression, LOVE still defines us.

If we lose our job, make a poor decision, or walk away from a relationship, LOVE still defines us.

Even if our body stops breathing, LOVE still defines us because our Souls live on.

We know this because energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

LOVE pulsing through us and displaying as Light in unique ways is our eternal and authentic essence. LOVE is who we are, why we are here, and how we are made. One LOVE projecting through us from one Source in a unified field of one Great Spirit or Divine Mind.

Any idea of separation is pure illusion, and the effect of this separation consciousness is deep pain and suffering. None of us are immune until we transcend the illusion.

Until we do, the distortion of LOVE looks like fear and separation anxiety projected in many painful, evil forms because of our perceived disconnect from the Whole. May we find grace for ourselves and others as we re-member the truth of LOVE and the comfort of Oneness.

No matter what is going on around us that we perceive as good, bad, or indifferent based on our beliefs and stories, we can be certain that if we can perceive at all, LOVE is the irreducible residue juicing the One system we are experiencing.

Even in our deep heartache, LOVE is in our midst. It can’t NOT be. Every moment contains LOVE at the core.

When we focus on this truth, we begin to see that LOVE is what really matters because LOVE is all there is.

LOVE is REALity.

REALity is God/Source/Creator.

LOVE is God on full display.

Life is LOVE reflected in a hall of infinite mirrors showing off God’s infinite glory in infinite fractal perspectives.

Imagine how different life would be if we made this Truth of LOVE and Oneness our point of reference each moment—regardless of our chosen path of understanding.

Never stop imagining.

Our kids are counting on us.



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