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Challenge: Life Changes

Lordy, Lordy, I’m getting closer to 40

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Do you ever not look 100%?

That’s me, like,


But some women,

they actually do look fantastic more often than not and they


Which sucks even more for those of us who are

aging naturally,

semi-gracefully (?)

[sidenote: Grace probably wouldn’t bitch about it]

but no matter how hard we try,

we still

1) look like we didn’t try at all


2) like we tried too hard.

It ain’t a blast getting older.

It’s not the most fun to watch

your boobies sag,

your wrinkles increase,

grays sprout,

the expanding of your under-eye bags,

or for you not to be able to even look at a french fry without its fat content going to right to your lower belly or your ass.

But do you know what it is that I do find fantastic about aging?

You slowly start to

1) give less of a damn hoot about how you look


2) become hella-focused in on how you feel, and ensuring that the people and things you surround yourself with MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.

Lordy, Lordy, I’m getting closer to 40, but instead of stressing it, I’m stressing this

— to you and to me —

…the most beautiful women in the world are adorned with obvious signs they are wholeheartedly living in it, and the only thing ugly about a blemish, scar, sag or wrinkle is the notion that they at all take away from one’s God-given, inherent beauty.

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