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Look towards the light on the hard days

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As we all know, some days and weeks are harder than others.

But today, I have decided to start the week off by letting the light shine in...

I am opening my mind up to the new, sometimes the unknown, with an open heart.

I am opening my spirit up to a part of my soul, which is missing, but needs to be found.

I am opening my heart up to the love I often don’t let in and offer the love stored, within my soul, to others.

I am opening my eyes up to seeing life, through a different lens, with a new found clarity.

I am opening up my whole being to seeking the light, allowing it to seep in, while restoring my soul and wrapping myself in love.

Friends, may this be a wonderful and profound start to the week.

May you walk towards the light, allowing it to guide you on a path filled with love.

May your days be lighter by looking for the joy.

May your days be lifted from burdens by opening up to the love surrounding you.

May your days be filled with moments of clarity and your troubles be less.

May your days be filled, with utter joy, knowing you are a mama with a passion and a deep desire to make everything right in this world for your children.

May your children be filled with confidence, knowing they have a mama with strength, determination and love.

So today, seek the light.... you may be surprised at what you find.

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