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Living Snack to Snack

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Four-year-olds are notorious snackers. They live their lives from snack to snack. They rarely eat full meals in favor of grazing on snacks all the live long day.

Especially my four-year-old.

She is constantly asking for snacks.

And it's not without reason. She's going through a growth spurt. She grew 2 inches in 2 months.

So while there are some realistic meal ideas I have on hand for her, she's still hungry.

I made her a snack station so she could get her own food rather than ask me for Cheerios while I'm in the shower.

And I don't have to stop whatever I'm doing and fetch her some crackers 30 minutes later.

It's hard being a stay at home mom and feeling like your only purpose is to fetch snacks for a tiny person. It kind of feels degrading.

Setting up a snack bin for my preschooler was probably the best thing I've done for myself. And for my daughter.

She gained independence by being able to feed herself. And it's one more thing she doesn't need to ask for help with.

I can control what goes into her basket and how much she gets on a daily basis. But she can control when she wants to eat it.

I found a win-win situation in this crazy world of parenting.

If you want to set up a snack station for your child, check out this helpful guide.

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