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Little-known facts on CBD oil – Make sure you’re informed before using it

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Crystal therapy, avocado, goat yoga – wellness trends keep coming and going, but CBD oil is undoubtedly going to stay. CBD oil is actually extracted from marijuana or hemp and it is gradually gaining momentum in places all over America. Studies reveal that CBD oil is effective in treating different conditions like epilepsy, anxiety, depression and acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD can both be applied topically with the creams and taken orally with CBD tinctures. You can get it in authorized stores, online and even in-state dispensaries. But before you move on to buy CBD oil for yourself, stay informed on the following things.

  • CBD oil won’t give you the ‘high’ feeling

Are you wondering within yourself, ‘Can CBD get me stoned?’ If yes, the answer to you is ‘No’! CBD is different from THC as it doesn’t have the psychoactive impacts of THC. Since CBD interacts with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, it won’t give you the ‘high’ feeling. When you purchase CBD oil, it consists of small amounts of THC, which is too little to create that feeling.

  • Ways of extraction of CBD might vary

The sources of CBD can be either hemp or marijuana, but it won’t ever derive from plants. CBD oil is actually extracted from leaves, flowers and the biomass of the plant, either cannabis plant or hemp plant. The methods that are used are CO2 extraction, dry ice extraction, cold-ethanol alcohol extraction and olive oil extraction. The Cannabis Cultural Association believes that there can never be one way to derive CBD.

  • CBD users love using CBD tinctures

It is not surprising to note that CBD users prefer using CBD tinctures. The Brightfield Study revealed that more than 80% of the users had found CBD oil to be extremely effective for treating various diseases. Nearly 40% chose tinctures over other products like gummies or chocolates. Users even favoured CBD tinctures more than THC tinctures.

  • CBD oil can cure PTSD

You must be aware of the fact that PTSD or Post-traumatic stress disorder needs extensive treatment and care, and CBD oil can be of immense help to such a condition. Using this oil, you can reduce insomnia and anxiety related to PTSD. There are other researches which reveal that CBD is well-known for its sleep-improving and anxiolytic benefits.

  • CBD oil is even available for few pets

Do you have a furry friend at home? If answered yes, you can have CBD oil for him too. The AVMA or the American Veterinary Medical Association says that the clinical studies are being done for exploring the health benefits of CBD oil for dogs. While the pet-friendly CBD oils keep gaining momentum, researchers are still trying to find out whether it can help reduce symptoms of epilepsy, anxiety or joint inflammation in dogs.

Therefore, before you rush to the store to buy CBD oil, make sure you’re educated and informed on the facts mentioned above that will help you make a better choice.

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