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Listen to What You are Being Told.

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Sometimes we need to stop and listen to what the universe is telling us.

I would have never imagined a life of planting and harvesting potatoes, but here we are. As a mother, it’s hard sometimes not to have ideals or expectations for my family. The ways I thought or hoped it would be. It’s even harder sometimes to let what’s actually supposed to happen, happen.

Don’t ever buy into the lie of control. We can’t control anything and trying to control people or events or circumstances will end poorly and make you mad in the process.

I’ve never imagined a life that included growing potatoes, tomatoes, cantaloupe, cucumber, or watermelon, or the countless other things growing around our yard. It’s messy and, well, uncertain. But here we are.

I also never imagined the joy I would get watching my husband teach our kids how to harvest their crops. Even just a small batch of potatoes. Or how much satisfaction we’d get out of eating it for dinner. But here we are.

Listening and letting go is simultaneously the most terrifying and exhilarating process of parenthood. But each time I listen and let go, the more of what is supposed to happen actually gets to happen.

I’m taking more time to listen to what the universe is telling me. I’m listening to what my husband is telling me. I’m listening to what my children are telling me.

Apparently they are all telling me we need to be potato farmers.

Truthfully, I’m hoping we are all telling each other what we want and need out of this life and that we are all listening close enough to hear it.

Our path will likely not be straight and may be curvy, bumpy, or uncertain. No matter, as long as we are listening to the messages around us, we will cultivate the life we are all supposed to be living. Which, quite honestly, is better than anything I could ever force.

On another note, I’m also incubating a small reptile egg on my kitchen window and quite honestly, no matter how hard I listen, I have no idea what the universe is telling me with that one.

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