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Like Shakespeare: Should Parents Help Their Children with Homework?

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What kind of parental involvement can help a child with the homework? One of the biggest concerns of parents whose children are at school is how much they should get involved in their home assignments. Generally, people have different opinions regarding the issue. So, what should you do when it comes to your child's homework?

According to a recent research, some parents think that helping the child with the assignments is a good idea, while others think that children should be the one who take the responsibility of doing their own homework. Some have the idea that is somewhere in the middle, considering that a little guiding is the right way to handle this issue.

Homework is Important

Homework is the best method of revising and revisiting the content the child learned at school. When a student is given an assignment, they are given the opportunity to better remember and understand the new information and concepts. Additionally, it allows them to establish a good learning practice that, if parents allow it, can lead to independent development of their judgment and responsibility. Handling their school obligations on their own can contribute to the children's self-confidence and the establishing of a learning routine.

According to Erika A. Patall, parents should give their children autonomy and emphasis that they should work on their own. But should you provide no assistance at all to your child?

What Should You Do?

If you teach a child to do their own tasks, you must teach them to ask for some help when they need it, too. Children often need the help of a parent and it is completely normal for them to ask you 'can you edit my paper?'

When you edit papers, you are not meddling in the way your child is handling the homework. What you do is let the child show what they have learned without doing their job instead. After all, the job of a parent is to help the child do their task, not write it for them.

As we said, parents may not have all the answers and sometimes they find themselves pressured with the tasks. When this happens, a parent is inclined to look for some assistance. Otherwise, they will spend valuable time trying to understand what it is they need to do to help the child, in which time they will disrupt the learning experience.

The worst-case scenario is when a parent knows how to help their child and decides to do the work for the child in order to help them with the stress. Seeing a child in stress is not an easy thing and it is usually the natural instinct of the parent to dive in and help. This may sound as a great idea at the moment, but is actually bad for the child's education in the long run.

You Cannot Know Everything

What happens when the assignment given to your child is not something you are trained to handle? In cases where a student is given a paper that the parent is not able to handle, parents often choose a paper editing service, such as Help.Plagtracker that can be reached at to help the child get the best results.

The vital role of a parent in the child's education is widely known, but often overlooked. Even though the children's education is a job of teachers, you are the first port of call when your children have questions or concerns. And not only this. Children often need you to help them solve a problem, act like a sounding board or even get them a nice snack while they are handling the pile of assignments they have for the next day.

Believe it or not, this is all a normal way of helping a child do their homework. So, even if a parent does not know everything, they always know what the best for their children is.

When a parent takes over the child's work, the student is missing the point of the home tasks. However, if a parent decides to help their child by being there while they work or by revising their job afterwards, they allow them to develop the brain and the responsibility of handling their own work. This is extremely beneficial for the moment when the child needs to start being independent and working on their own.

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