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Lifeguards are a very special group of young people and they deserve our respect

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My family was enjoying the afternoon at my mother-in-law's community lake, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a child, maybe 11 years old calling out for help.

Within seconds, a lifeguard zoomed past me and my kids -- no doubt she saw the signs of distress before any of us -- to reach the young girl and carry her back to shore.

The child was shaken up, but conscious and unharmed.

I was thankful she was okay, and thankful to be swimming in a place with lifeguards.

Lifeguards may be cocky. Lifeguards may enforce rules which may not make sense.

Lifeguards may seem like teens looking for an excuse to be in the sun all day.

Lifeguards may seem most interested making a few extra bucks over the summer.

But, they are so much more.


These young people spent grueling days training -- often in freezing water -- to become the best people to stand watch over our families.

While other teens may sleep in, lifeguards are up with the sun practicing rescue maneuvers before the first guests arrive at their pools, lakes, oceans or water parks.

They could have chosen a number of other jobs, but they chose to be lifeguards.

They chose to protect us.

Lifeguards are the reason our families can enjoy the summer knowing someone is looking our for us.

Thank you, lifeguards for keeping our kids safe.

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