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Life would be easy if it weren’t so damn complicated

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Tonight I ate like it was the last supper.

This past Saturday I drank like the world was gonna run outta wine.

Tomorrow I’ll likely curse like a sailor

Then Wednesday thru Thursday I may moonlight as a saint.

‘Cause you never know how the worlds gonna hit ya on any given day…

how you're gonna take on the devil who thinks you’re ripe for the taking…

how you're gonna show him whose boss and that, news flash, it ain’t him.

Life would be easy if it weren’t so damn complicated.

And if I weren’t so damn complicated,

maybe I would approach life and it’s all messiness with more ease.

And grace.

And couth.

And refinement.

But I’m just me, the M to the E, rudimentary she and the truth is that I don’t always know what I’m doing or that I’m doing any of what I’m doing right.

But I’m always doing.

And I’m always going (forward I hope).

And I’m always trying.

And I’m always giving (or at least aiming to).

And I’m loving and I’m learning, and I’m coming to find that this world,


it doesn’t require very much more from any of us than that.

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