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Challenge: Raising Siblings

Life with Two Littles is Always an Adventure

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Life with two littles


is always an adventure. Rarely on the same page, one is often “here” while the other is simultaneously “there.”

One is wide awake, ready to play... The other is fast asleep after an award winning fight.

One is jumping with excitement over a new idea... The other is hysterical on the floor because of a different idea.

One is singing songs in a sweet, soft voice... The other is screaming dissent as loud as lungs will allow.

One is ready to cuddle, snuggle and rest... The other pushes away and is busy being alone.

One is hungry and sits properly to eat what’s been made... The other refuses to touch anything that is offered.

One wants to play together and to share toys... The other wants to do something else—in solitude.

One wants to throw and catch a ball outside... The other wants to color neatly between the lines at a table.

One wants the vanilla flavor, the berry fruit, the purple vitamin... The other wants the chocolate flavor, the banana, the blue vitamin.

Life with two toddlers is never predictable—except that it’s always different in every moment. Rarely on the same page, one is often “here” while the other is simultaneously “there.”

But me?

While I often find myself silently praying they’d get in sync during those times I can’t possibly meet both of their needs, I am trying my best to always be right there in the moment—neither truly here nor there, but rather somewhere ever-presently and whole-heartedly in the middle.

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