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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

Life feels heavy right now

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Life feels heavy right now, doesn't it?

It feels like it could just crush you at any moment.

That if you drop your guard, for even just a minute, you'll be taken out.

Out from where?

Out from your office to pick up your kid from school who just got the call to quarantine.

Out of your home to get a rapid test cause you've been feeling extra fatigued and that slight cough of yours, well, you want to make sure it's just that and nothing more.

Out of the social circle you were once a part of that has come undone now that everyone is so unfortunately divided.

Out of context because though you make jokes to keep laughing instead of crying, some others just don't like it.

Out of business because no one wants to come to yours either because you require masks or because you don't.

Out of f*cks. And pardon my potty mouth, but we each only have so many of those to give, and gosh darn it, I think we're all running a little low right now.

Running low on f*cks and fumes and high on curse words.

Life feels heavy right now, doesn't it?

And instead of offering up to you a pair of rose-colored glasses to see it through, I'm just here to remind you that it's more than okay to admit when shiitake've just also got to focus on the fact that stenches, like pandemics, don't last forever and







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