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Life changes... sunny side up?

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Life changes...sunny side up?

I am am avid egg eater but it has to be cooked perfectly over-hard, without an ounce of runny egg seeping on to my plate.
But lately, my mind has been wandering and thinking about change...
so often a dreaded word but one that doesn’t scare me.

Maybe it’s because some mornings I feel stuck in my ways, going through the motions and just pressing the play button, therefore wondering if change is necessary and much needed.

As my eggs sizzle on the griddle, all sunny side up with their perky yellow yolks smiling at me, I wonder if this can be my simple change.

It’s silly, I know, but maybe I shouldn’t take out the spatula, flip and crush the yolk, therefore destroying the bright sunshine looking up at me.

Don’t we all need a little sunshine these days?

Maybe I should challenge myself to go outside of my comfort zone and try the runny yellow yolk. Mop it up with some nice sourdough and go after a new part of life.

Seems crazy right? I mean really it is just eggs we are talking about. But is it really?

I clearly know that altering a part of my life has nothing to do with the eggs.
It’s not about attempting to swallow the yellow yolk and runny egg while I sip my morning tea.

It’s so much more...

It’s about finding a part of me that I push aside, even though I’m curious.

It’s about exploring uncharted territories, one that I can only imagine may have some rough patches but having a desire to find out what’s on the other side.

It’s about believing that the confidence, built up in my soul, will guide me along the right path.

It’s the simple pleasure of trying new things, being pleasantly surprised and finding a part of myself that I didn’t know existed.

It’s finding the joy, the balance, the freedom to explore and desire to chase after a dream.

I hear myself day after day, year after year, advising my daughters to be open to trying new things in life, whether it’s trying French fries dipped in gravy or something larger, such as moving away from one passion to follow the next.

It’s all unknown, but isn’t that the beauty also? The challenge and excitement?

But as I hear my own words echoing in my house, I often question why don’t I always follow my own advice.

Well, I finally did... the simple act of writing these words and sharing them publicly is a change for me.
I have spent my life being a closet writer.

I was the girl who kept countless journals and reread them, sometimes with tears in her eyes.

I was the chronic note writer and often got in to trouble for passing the cute folded triangle,but not quickly enough, before the teacher turned back around.

I was the young woman writing love letters.

I was the woman on the park bench in NYC furiously writing every thought down since each day needed to be captured, with the hope to one day do something with my words. (Sad to say this journal was lost in a taxi in 1998) a hard day for sure...

So, about a year ago, I decided to take a chance, rather a plunge and share my words.

I was finally showing my daughters that I could put in to practice what I so often ask them to do, just be themselves, take the chance and see what happens.

Well, the release of my words has blessed me in countless ways and for that I am grateful in more ways than I can express.

So today, I vow to continue to try new things, step aside away from my own fears, leave the anxiety behind and open my heart to not closing myself off.

I vow to continue another year of sharing my words with you and hopefully enter your hearts as well.

So as I stare down at my eggs, early this morning, can someone please tell me how to get past the drippy yellow slime, running like paint, across my plate...

P.s. not all of the turkey bacon is for me!


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