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Challenge: Traveling with Kids

Liberty Cruise with Kids on a Weekend - What Parents Must Remember

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Cruise trips with kids can be a pretty enriching experience both for you and your child. These floating resorts offer a whole lot of innovative activities that sure keeps one entertained.

I recently had a wonderful holiday taking my eight-year-old on a cruise vacation on a weekend. However, the experience wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. The trip involved a lot of firsts, both for me and my kids. Thanks to Liberty Cruise package, we had a marvelous view of Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty and other attractions. Here are some of the things I learned from the cruise to NYC.


Thoroughly Research your Options

Research your sightseeing cruise options before choosing one. Sightseeing cruise operators offer all kinds of packages. Look for something that will cover all the major iconic spots of the city’s shoreline. It can tiring for kids if the cruise makes too many stops; look for something that gives you sufficient time to enjoy and relax at every spot. The duration of a sightseeing cruise could be anything between 3 to 8 hours; make your kids understand the schedule, to help them relax and anticipate the adventures and fun ahead.

Involve your Kids in the Packing and Preparatory Stage

My eight-year-old daughter was way more excited and meticulous about the cruise than me! She wanted to be a part of the entire experience so much so that she insisted on doing everything herself. From choosing the cruise to packing her own clothes, she was actively involved in every decision. Involving your kids in the process of preparing for the trip gives them a sense of independence and maturity. They are slowly learning to handle responsibilities and take care of themselves. Moreover, discuss the safety guidelines and ground rules with your kids before embarking on the journey. Give them a bit of freedom to explore the place themselves without risking an accident or mishap.

Check out the Cruise’s Babysitting Options

Before you opt for a cruise be absolutely sure of the babysitting options available to you. The trip, for all its adventures and excitement, can turn into a total nightmare if your kid doesn’t feel comfortable. My daughter was a bit dizzy and nauseous initially, nothing that some meds couldn’t cure. However, with time she got used to the motion and found it quite enjoyable even. Ensure that there is always a nanny or caretaker supervising the activities of the toddlers and helping them out whenever needed.

Keep Your Kids’ Enjoyment Well In Mind, Always

There are special sightseeing cruise packages that cater to the needs of children. My daughter loved the Disney decorations on the ship by Liberty Cruise. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child is having a good time. The cruise operator’s Facebook page is a good way to connect with co-passengers. If you have some acquaintances already, I’d recommend you try to engage with them, so that you and your kids have company on-board.

Concluding Remarks

Sightseeing on a cruise can be a memorable experience alright, provided you prepare well for the trip, along with your kids and all their special needs in mind.

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