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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

Letting loose is entirely permissible -- heck, even advisable and encouraged

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Anyone else coming off the heels of Fourth of July weekend or a summer vacation feeling like

you overindulged a bit too much

on wings and fries,

beer, wine and liquor,


Bloody Mary’s and night caps


lots of late nights and sleep-ins?

Anyone else coming out of your pandemic-induced hermitting,




and drinking all the things,

because you’ve surely earned it after the craziest year-plus you’ve had?

Have anyone else’s kids not eaten, touched, or even looked at a vegetable in weeks?

Or brushed their teeth?

Or have showered?

You’re not alone.

And, as a family, you ain’t wrong for gettin’ after it.

After the hella wonky year and a half we’ve all had,

letting loose is entirely permissible; heck, even advisable and encouraged.

But after it,

after you live it up making up time for having not,

remember that the best way to take on daily life and the curveballs it throws your way is to stay



emotionally strong

and you do that by

balancing out your less than healthy choices with an even amount of better ones,

spending time out and getting some exercise in the beautiful sunshine

and always serving up to yourself a heaping side of grace.

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