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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Moms, it's OK to let yourself off the hook

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Let yourself off the hook mama. You can’t do all the things and spoiler alert no one else is. I guarantee there is something in your world you can just let go...guilt free.

Maybe you’re like me and making school lunches makes you want to run screaming into the sunrise.

I’ve done so many things to meal prep these so they’re healthy and I’ve spent countless hours thinking and planning and then DUMPING MY EFFORTS IN THE TRASH when my kids didn’t eat them.

So here’s what I’ve got today. An assembly line of questionable food choices that makes them all smile.

I’m happy because it’s fast and easy and if you look closely there’s even an organic fruit choice. #winning

I’ve let myself off the hook.


Some might say I’ve given up, but really I’ve made a conscious choice to make the morning easier. For now, I’m crossing this off the list of things I’m putting my limited energy toward.

We do what we can and let the rest go. I can’t do it all and I no longer feel one bit bad about this.

And neither should you.

Where can you let yourself off the hook?

Do you need to ignore a giant mess of LEGO’s and random toys tangled in a sea of blankets in the playroom?

Do you need to say no to that thing you feel like you should do but are secretly dreading?

Do you need to let those littles watch a Disney movie today so you can have some peace while they enjoy pretending they’re princesses?

Do you need to pack your kids prepackaged cupcakes and Uncrustables so you can enjoy your morning?

Let yourself off the hook today sister.

Chose to let something go that’s taking way too much of your energy for the payoff you’re getting.

Take that energy you gain in the giving up and use it to find the joy in something you love.

Like chatting with your kids in the morning instead of rushing around yelling like a crazy person.

Like putting your feet up and texting a friend in the middle of the day while your kids are occupied.

Like keeping your evening free for your people as you give up what doesn’t serve you.

You’ve got this my friend. You can choose to let yourself off the hook, no judgment and no guilt.

Because even awesome moms pack their kids prepackaged chips. I’m sure of this.

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