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Challenge: Get Happy!

Let the 'small things' bring you joy

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It's the small things,

like when my husband finishes work,

plays with the kids,

and I have a chance to sit down with

a glass wine,

my thoughts and computer,

and let them all come together in a total divulgence of the heart.

It's the small things,

like the random "YOU'RE THE BEST MOMMY IN THE WORLD" remark from my four-year-old.

It's the small things,

like my husband tagging me in a mid-day meme, letting me know that not ALL of his thoughts are on his work (and that some are on me).

It's the small things,

like my seven-year-old son still wanting his mommy to cuddle him.

It's the small things,

like my nine-year-old being genuinely curious about why I love to write, what I write about, wanting to know how it makes to feel to write and seeing her take all of that "in" and understand that she can, will, and deserves to find whatever makes her feel good and whatever her "thing" is.

It's the small things,

like an iced coffee delivered at the drive-through WITH KINDNESS.

It's the small things,

like being included in my family's hilarious group text.

It's the small things,


a check-in from a friend,

a Facebook memory pop-up,

a kind word from my kid's teacher,

a random lick from my pet,

a Christmas card from a friend I've lost touch with but not love for,

manners headed in my direction from any one of my three children,

a flirty touch from my husband,

a bedtime routine that — on the occasional evening — doesn't take 3 hours.

It's the small things,

like hearing your child belly laugh or watching them dance without inhibition.

It's the small things that bring us





that are often overshadowed and drowned out by the much larger, more noticeable, less than pleasant things that bring us down.

Here's my intention to set out to amplify how those small things make me feel and feel gratitude for those who light up my life, without knowing it, in those very not so small ways.

And here's where I decide that while the big things are often the hard things that make me anxious or uncomfortable, the small things and the people with the big hearts who make them happen for me will carry me through anything and everything -- always.

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