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Lessons in kindness from a broken down car

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Sometimes lending a helping hand is the only thing needed...

And today, I am thankful.

I’m thankful...

for kindness, that still emanates from strangers, amongst a world filled with hate and chaos.

I’m thankful...

for the men who were willing to put their schedules aside and ask how they could help.

I’m thankful...

for the men who didn’t even ask, and just started on a task, as if they were my long lost friend.

I’m thankful...

for their willingness to teach me and show me, rather than judge me.

I’m overwhelmed and thankful for their kindness. It’s simple, I know... but an act I needed to be a part of.

As our world keeps spinning and the kindness of strangers is often lost, my heart today filled up once again.

Being witness to a simple act of kindness and concern opened my eyes to what we truly are capable of as neighbors and friends.

So thank you, for restoring my faith in a simple gesture and what that can do for the soul.

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So thank you to these men, for bringing out a part of me that may have been lost.

I am thankful...


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