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A Letter To My Sons

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I remember the day you were both born like it was yesterday. I remember the feeling of overwhelming joy colliding with fear all at once. I remember the sound of your first cry and the feeling of your skin against mine for the first time, and thinking I am now a mother.

When you each came home, we spent time feeding, napping, changing diapers and getting to know each other. There were baths and books and long nights of NO sleep. There were oohs and ahhs and tummy time and cuddle time. Time, time has gone so fast already and I just wish I could press the pause button just for a little while. I find myself looking in the rearview mirror at the two of you laughing with each other in the backseat and thinking about all the things I want for the both of you. The early days of living in our bubble and hoping I could hide the world from you for just a little while are fleeting so this is what I want you both to know.

Life is in and of itself awesome. You are truly able to become whoever you want. You can do whatever you put your mind to as long as you stay determined and work hard for it. Life is also hard. The world is full of people who won't see you the way I do, and that's OK. I want you both to know not only right from wrong, but to be proud to stand up for what's right, no matter the cost. I want you both to respect girls. I want you to hold doors open, say please and thank you and look people in the eyes when they are speaking to you. I want you to work hard and never expect a hand out, but be willing to help someone should they need it. I want you to judge people from the inside -- not by their appearance. I want you to lead instead of follow. I want you to become the men who fathers will want their daughter's to date.

I want you both to be happy, to never settle for things because you think it's what other people want you to do. Life is short and you only get to do it once so do it right. I want you to remember that no matter what, I love you.

I may be getting slightly ahead of myself so for now, I want you to play with no worry, run with no fear and dance (better than me). I want you to go to bed happy and wake up even happier. I want you to laugh with your friends. I want you to climb trees and discover something new and exciting in the every day. I want you to play in the dirt and laugh in the rain. Most of all I want you both to feel loved. The days can get crazy filled with spills, falls and cries, but I know that these days are the days we will always remember and I'm going to make them last as long as I can.

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