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Challenge: Extraordinary Teachers

Learning to fly: A thank you letter to my kids' teachers

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Learning To Fly...

I read them books to encourage their first words. I cheered for them to crawl. I sang to them to make them smile. I cuddled them when they cried. I picked them up when they fell. I reassured them time and time again that everything was going to be okay. I stood with open arms as they took their first steps.


I spent rainy days watching them scribble outside of the lines. I taught them their ABCs and 123's. I set up blocks to teach them their colors and I watched as the time that I wanted to move ever so slowly sped up right in front of me. I watched as two pieces of my heart grew from babies into little boys. I watched as the days of being their teacher slipped away from me. I wiped away tears as each of them waved goodbye from that big yellow school bus for the very first time.

They were no longer mine during the day. They were yours. I've watched as the days have turned into years and I am always in awe of how much they are learning.

I watch as they eagerly get on to the school bus every morning and I wait as they return to me every afternoon full of stories and new facts. I have watched them learn to read. I have watched them as their faces light up when they see you. I hear stories about you at the dinner table and it makes me so happy to know that the people I trust day in and day out with the two people I love most in the world, care for my children more than I thought possible.

I know you go home tired. I know you spend nights creating magic that will be the story I hear about at dinner the next night. I know you do it all because you love it. I know you are so much more than a teacher. I want you to know that to my boys you are a role model, you are an inspiration, you are the person they want to spend their day listening to and learning from because to them you are amazing. When you are up late at night grading papers, or searching the aisles of Target for school supplies please know you are loved.

You read them books and encourage their imaginations. You encourage them to think outside the lines. You believe in them and it makes them smile. You sing to them. You push them. You tell them to keep going when they fall. You reassure them time and time again that everything is going to be okay. I taught them to walk....but you, you are teaching them to fly, and for that I am forever grateful.

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