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Challenge: WHO Are You?

Learn to love being a slightly malfunctioning human

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I never thought I'd be at peace with who I am, but here we are.

I'm nearing my thirty-fourth birthday, I'm creeping on twelve years of marriage, and I've got three children, ages eight, six and four.

I'm technically unemployed, kind-of-an-entrepreneur who kind of works from home (when I want and can find the time), but barely makes any money because though I occasionally do paid freelance writing, I much prefer to word vomit on my keyboard as a form of therapy, instead of for a paycheck.

I keep yo-yo-ing with my weight, and though I've picked up quite the gym habit, I also have very little will power when it comes to food.

I don't have a clique or a tribe, and I don't want one.

I have good friends, and we are there for each other, but we also respect how busy each of our lives is.

I'm an extroverted, introvert, and that confuses others, and let's be real, myself.

I crave socialization, but decline invitations to engage.

Somedays, I think more about what next meal I will put in my mouth than how my words are coming out of it--meaning I get hangry.

I get moody but am pretty intolerant of the less than joyful moods of others.

I spend too much money and need to declutter my car, closet, home, life, brain, etc.

I drive a minivan that's basically a trashcan on wheels and should probably feel more embarrassed by it than I do.

I'm trying hard to be a good parent, but I am flubbing up on the hour.

Some would say I have a lot to work on, and they aren't wrong, which is why I'm always after improving upon myself.

But here's the kicker -- I've also become pretty dang fond of imperfect, evolving me.

And this girl, she wholeheartedly believes that feeling in harmony with yourself is not a destination you will reach one far off day.


Because if you pay real attention, you can recognize, appreciate, and honor the fact that who you are on the way to who you are becoming is a badass woman all her own.

I never thought I'd be at peace with who I am, but here we are.

I'm living life according to my rules.

I'm living for me and those I love.

I'm just living.

And living is beautiful, even, if not more, when it looks unpolished and flawed.

Learn to love being a slightly malfunctioning human,

love yourself loud,

and let all the noise fade away.

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