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Know about advanced ‘joint’ solutions

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Know about advanced ‘joint’ solutions

With an increasing number of health conditions over the past decades, numerous advancements are taking place in the medical field. All these emerging medical advancements help in improving a person’s overall health and well-being.Our body’s musculoskeletal system is made up of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage, that enable us to move and do our everyday tasks. At some point in our lifetime, most of us might experience some form of musculoskeletal deformity that requires medical intervention. Due to various underlying causes, deformities in ‘joint’ structures can occur in people of all age groups, especially adults to old age people.Orthopedic problems are one such issue that hinders one’s ability to perform everyday tasks. The treatment options for orthopedic problems vary according to the type and severity of the condition. Arthritis is one of the chronic conditions that limit the range of motion of a person. This can be progressive in nature and get worse over time. Also, orthopedic problems can cause muscle strain and extreme discomfort until the problem is diagnosed and treated on time.

Sometimes, daily activities can result in orthopedic injuries, such as broken bones, shoulder dislocation, or sudden accidental trauma. Orthopedic problems may also arise due to an overuse of the joint, hereditary, or age-related conditions. Some of the chronic orthopedic conditions can be treated non-surgically with minimally invasive procedures. Stem cell orthopedics is gaining popularity in providing comprehensive treatment for various orthopedic problems and sports injuries.

Alternative treatment methods for orthopedic problems

Most of the people experience at least one type of orthopedic problems during their lifetime. It can be severe back pain, swelling and inflammation of the joints, arthritis, or any other kind of orthopedic problem. Usually, these orthopedic problems are treated with pain medication, or some might require a surgical intervention under severe cases.Osteoarthritis, one of the common forms of arthritis, is a chronic degenerative joint disease that results in the breakdown of the joint cartilage. Most commonly, it affects the hip, knee, spine, or hands. The treatment for osteoarthritis is usually a blend of medications, physical therapy, weight management, and exercise. However, if the symptoms are severe, they cannot be treated by any of the ways mentioned above. In such instances, surgical intervention remains the final approach to treat the condition.

In current days, regenerative medicine is one of the best alternative therapy that treats the condition without the need for surgery. Your own biologics act as a miracle treatment for a broad range of chronic conditions. Regenerative treatment involves the use of your own autologous stem cells and platelet-rich plasma for the treatment of orthopedic conditions. Stem cell therapy in India has become an advanced treatment option for people who are suffering from orthopedic problems. Some of the common areas of the body that can be treated with the help of regenerative medicine are knee, spine, foot and ankle, hip, shoulder, hand and wrist, and elbow.


Currently, stem cell therapy is successfully used for ligament-tendon injuries, bone-joint defects, arthritis-cartilage defects and other problems that affect the musculoskeletal system. Stem cells provide a faster and better healing of the damaged tissue, cartilage, tendon, or ligament.

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