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Challenge: Grinch challenge: Acts of Kindness

Kindess counts

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My son isn't perfect, for none of us are, but I was so proud of him today and I had to share here. Kindness counts here at our house and we tend to celebrate these random acts with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

My son has always been a nurturer, and today, that really was clear. It's almost like he was coded that way at birth--the way he would stare into my eyes like they belonged to him soothed my soul in ways I never could have imagined. As he grew and changed, he rubbed my face while he sucked his thumb. He did that for comfort, but in that action, he took care of me. And over and over, as I've taken care of him, he's found ways to take care of me: random notes, sunny smiles, warm hugs, thoughtful questions, kind gestures.

Today, a fellow classmate got sick and sat down on the sidelines of activity. My son went to him to check on him. He put his arm around him and said, "you okay, buddy?" His friend responded by vomiting and my son sat with him, getting a little bit of vomit on his own coat before running to get the teacher.

Of course, on the surface, this is a small thing, but at the same time, it is no small thing. There isn't anything grandiose or earth shattering in its greatness. But to me, it's everything. And as he told the story to my husband and me--the story of the vomit on his coat--I saw the glimmer of tears in my husband's eyes through my own.

We simply don't care if our son is the best athlete (or one at all). We don't care if he gets straight As that land him at an Ivy League school. We don't give a care if he is the star in the play or the winner of music competitions. He has none of those pressures. We simply care that he is kind. My husband looked at me later and whispered "he really gets it" and then said to our son, "let's make cookies for your good day!" I can't tell you how happy that made my heart. a4ac845558ce35c8ae8a86b16a02681ba08721ec.png

Kindness always wins, even if that means you end up wearing someone else's vomit.

Thanks for Mothering the Divide with me, as we teach our children kindness, but as they in turn show us the very best examples of it to us.

(P.S. Confession: He was unaffected by the vomit but my mom brain did venture into germ mode and the stomach bug that might be headed our way. His coat and all his clothes were washed in hot water. He jumped right in the shower after school. But, in the end, I wouldn't have wanted him to act any other way and I shall remember that in 2-3 days should the vomiting germ make its appearance...)

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