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4 Killer iPad Apps to Help for Kindergarten Readiness

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Kindergarten, as most who have kids nowadays know, is a bit more aggressive schooling experience then years back like when I myself went to Kindergarten over thirty plus years ago. While kids have to be emotionally ready, they also have to be academically prepared, too.


So because of this my now 6 year old entered kindergarten last Fall being equipped with knowledge of her alphabet with letter formation and phonetics, as well as numbers through at least 20 counting wise.

She also knew how to say and write her name. Mind you, when I was her age I barely knew how to write my first name let alone my last name, too. Times have most certainly changed.

Yet, now all kids need to be able to do this and so much more in kindergarten.

So, to help my almost kindergartner last summer before she even started kindergarten, as a teacher and mother alike, I took to one of my favorite ways in reinforcing these basic concepts with using hands-on, engaging methods with the use of my very, own iPad to do this.

The iPad truly has a great many apps to help both letters (including phonics) and numbers (counting and simple math) alike.

And yet, they have so many that I had to take to doing a bit of research and legwork to find out, which would be the best at helping my own girl at this point.

So, I am sharing which ones I had found back then to be the most helpful with getting prepped for kindergarten

So without further ado, here are the four apps (2 for letters and 2 for math) that we used.

1. Splash Math - Grade K Math:

Truly allows kids to get started with Math practice in a fun way, because it is a visual app that helps visual learners with pictures and problem solving, too (and also aligned with the Common Core Standards). It is fun, because it is set up as a game that as the child advances to each new level they get prizes of animals and trees/bushes to add their virtual jungle.

The app teaches not teaches and practices counting numbers, but also adds in kindergarten addition, subtraction and other basic math concepts such as simple geometry with shapes - 2D/3D figures, as well. Parents can even tailor their kids math lessons, like I set Emma's to practice 11-20, since she is very comfortable with 1-10, I wanted to give her as much exposure to the numbers 11-20 as much as I could.

Get it here.

Kindergarten Splash Math

2. Counting Caterpillar (Math):

This one is purely for counting (number skills) and actually goes up to 100. The concept is that the caterpillar is hungry. Your child has to feed the caterpillar the correct numbers in sequence. You can count by 1's (1-10, the 11-20 and so on), 2's, 5's and 10's.

We have only really used the 1's so far, but for Emma who has only gone up to 20 before this, she has already learned so many of the numbers after counting and has been having so much fun being rewarded with different pretty colored butterflies that counting has become fun and definitely not a chore to her.

It might not have as much detail as Splash Math with other math concepts, but still for counting skills this one is not only a great resource, but fun for kids, too.

Get it here.

Counting Caterpillar

3. MyABC (7 in 1): Write & Learn Alphabets & Letter Sounds:

Not only can kids learn how to write and pronounce each of the 26 letters in the alphabet with animals or foods using visual images, but this app also includes fun games with 12 matching games, 4 square face games, alphabet sorting game and 3 recognizing pattern games, too. Plus, parents can create ABCs words sets, images and sounds, too for up to 20 word lists.

Bottom line this app not only helps your child letter how to write and be comfortable with the letter sounds, but have fun once again while doing this.

Get it here.

My ABC (7 in 1- Write & Learn Alphabets

4. ABC Pocket Phonics:

Teaches the basics of reading and writing to young kids by helping kids with their letter sounds, first words and even handwriting. It happens to be aligned with the Common Core State Standards (which love it or hate it is what most school country wide are indeed using).

The thing I love about this app is that not only does it help in learning how to pronounce one letter at a time like the letter, "C", "A", "T" but also builds upon the letters to how how to blend theme easily together, so that they can say the letters together to pronounce the word, "CAT".

All together kids, can learn over 160 words this way. For the writing portion, kids can write in either upper or lowercase and even script for older kids, as well. On top of all this, there is parent portal where you can keep track of your child's progress. And as the child learns one word, it then begins to recognize that the child can be challenged to indeed learn another, new word, too.

Get it here.

ABC Pockey Phonics

So, there you have it 4 note worthy iPad apps that we used and are happy to share to help your little ones with their letter sounds and numbers, who are now entering kindergarten!

*This article originally appeared on Confessions of A Mommyaholic.

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