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Kids, Please Do and Don't

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Say, please, and thank you.

Open doors for others.

Give up your seat if someone needs it more than you do.

Look at a person’s face when speaking to them.

Give a firm, but a polite handshake.

Show love to the elderly.

Do not park in the handicap spot for “just a second.”

If you received excellent service, tip well.

Your words matter. Choose what you say wisely.

Clean up after yourself. The world is not here to do it for you.

Extend your hand when someone needs a lift.


Say hello and goodbye.

Do your best to pronounce someone’s name correctly.

Do not make fun of people that speak a different language.

Do not make fun of people, period.

When possible, surprise a stranger with a kind gesture.

If you can assist an animal in distress, do it.

Respect yourself so that others respect you.

If you would not like said action done to you, do not do it to another.

If you would like said action done to you, do it for someone else.

Be kind.

Notice I did not say, be kind if the person is just like you.

Notice I did not say, be kind if the person is of the same religion as you.

Notice I did not say, be kind if the person is tall, short, black, or white.

I said, be kind.

It is more important to be kind than to be popular.

Always pay it forward when you can.

With this in mind, defend yourself when and if necessary.

You are not here to be anyone’s doormat.

Remember to live with purpose.

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