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Challenge: What Do Fathers Do Best?

Kids in the House - The Perks of Being a Father

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Becoming a parent, whether that means you are a mom or a dad, is never an easy task. Your whole life becomes dedicated to your children and you can no longer solely think of yourself. Once you become a parent you have another life to look after.

The father-child relationship is an extremely important part of a kid’s upbringing. A strong, positive fatherly figure can change the way a child’s life is molded into.

Kids in the House, the world’s largest educational parenting video library with over 9000 videos from 500 top experts. We sat down with two fathers to get their perspective on the incredible bond that fathers share with their children and what makes fatherhood so special.

In the video “Building a Healthy Father-Child Relationship,” fatherhood expert John Badalament, talks about how fathers must be very knowledgeable about their child’s life. This means that fathers must communicate regularly and know what is important. So how do you define what is important in your child’s life? Badalament breaks it down for us and says that you must know who their friends are, what activities they are doing in school, what stresses them out, and what they like to do for fun. If you know these things then your child will see that he or she is being paid attention to. According to Badalament, your child must know that you are updated on this information or they will feel neglected. Not only must fathers be aware of their kids, but their kids also must be aware of their fathers.

To put it simply, dads must let their kids into their lives. Kids absolutely love it when dads tell stories about their childhood. They want to know what you were like at their age. What embarrassed you? Who were your childhood crushes? How did you deal with your parents? These little insights allow your child to see who you were as a person. Your child will be able to see you as not just a dominant dad figure but also someone with experiences similar to them.

Being a father provides so many advantages in one’s life. It is like no other job in the world, and no amount of money can pay for the experiences that various fathers have. In the video “Advantages of Being an Involved Father,” blogger and dad, Mike Spohr, expresses the amazing experience of watching a child come out of the womb all the way to watching a child graduate college. The amazing changes that a dad gets to see are unbelievable. Through watching his children grow up, Spohr also talks about the array of lessons that parenting has taught him. No job would have prepared him for parenting, but also no job would give him the rewards that he gets from being a father. With a positive father figure, children are able to see men in a slightly different role than what society puts them into.

Overall, fathers experience so many amazing memories through watching their kids grow up that it is hard to pin point one thing solely that they love about parenting. Kids in the House is committed to bringing you expert information and stories from parents who have hard-earned wisdom to share.

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