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Kids are a lot more enjoyable when you "season" them well.

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I'm not comparing kids to food; I'm just saying that they are a lot more enjoyable when you season them well.

So pretty much, I'm comparing them to food.

But, I love food, and I love kids, so the comparison makes sense and seems appropriate.

Here's what I mean:

When our kids come into this world, they are like a raw piece of chicken.

We must keep them wrapped up and a pretty much shield them away from curious, boundary-breaking fingers and unnecessary germs as their innate naked being makes them susceptible to outside elements.

But, as our kids' age, we become more focused on what and who is in our little drumstick's immediate and extended environment that may exercise influence over them and shape them into confident, respectful, self-sufficient, caring, and optimistic humans or negative, disrespectful utterly dependent, selfish and pessimistic adults.

Here's where our talents -- both in the kitchen and as a parent -- can aid us in priming our children for the life buffet and ensuring that instead of them being served up, they are the one feeding at the table, fearlessly and happily accepting, working through and learning from all of every moment, experience and days of their life.

Not only is parenting easier and more pleasant, when we "season" our offspring well, but it also ensures that all of that prep work we did when they were younger will pay off when it comes to their final product.

Everyone likes their chicken a different way.

Some like 'em dressed in sweetness, while others prefer a dash of spice.

Some like their chicken tender, while others prefer a crispier edge.

Whatever your preference as to the qualities of your love nugget, you must start early and work often at dry rubbing into your children the values you hold as a family; the ones that encourage intellect, mindfulness, compassion, selflessness, strength, and gratitude.

So, here's my favorite recipe for raising good humans -- season them with the following:

Unconditional Support

And these are just the basics.

You want your hen to be a bit mysterious and intriguing, then teach 'em to banter.

You want your little Perdue to embrace their inner creative, then let them think for themselves.

You want your dino nugget to be fully breaded, then build them up each day with loving reminders and teach them to speak their own positive affirmations.

I get it, y'all.

This article is a bit offbeat, and I can see that comparing kids to an initially bland piece of store-bought poultry seems a bit silly.

However, what is not silly is recognizing the utter importance of drenching our children in the values we hope for them to sustain throughout their lives.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because it was raised by parents, who told it that it could, would and forever can.

It also made sure that bold chicken had all the tools necessary to make it across safely.

By the way, is anyone else hungry?

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